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Find Out What Your Finger Length Reveals About Your Personality

Your birth date, feet, hand lines, and even fingertips may reveal insights to your personality.

Everyone has slightly different fingers, but in general, you can break it down into 3 main types of finger lengths.

The fingers on both sides of your left middle finger, your index and ring finger are the same size or slightly different, one longer than the other.

Take a look at your own fingers in comparison with the image to identify which looks most like your own, A, B, or C.

Find out what your finger length reveals about you by reading the descriptions below…


A. The Charming, Realistic Type

If your ring finger is longer than your index finger you are a charmer, and often seen as irresistible to others.

You are excellent at talking your way out of trouble, and you are great at problem-solving.

You have aggressive tendencies, but you are full of compassion.


B. The Confident, Capable Type

If your ring finger is shorter than your index finger you are the confident type and know how to get stuff done.

You prefer to work in isolation because you do not want to be distracted to achieve your goals.

It is not because you prefer to work alone that you are introverted.

You are highly driven and appreciative what you have, but you tend to always want more.


C. The Peaceful, Easy To Love Type

If your ring and index finger are the same sizes your motto is “make love, not war.”

You prefer to avoid conflict and make peace wherever you go if you try to get along with them.

All in all, you are loyal and caring and you make a great partner.

Although, you do have a fiery side that may arise if someone gets on your bad side… so enemies beware!

99% people can’t find the C in this puzzle under 7 seconds. Can you?

This is a simple test but challenging as you need to spot certain thing in under less than just a few seconds. For this eye test, it was claimed that 99% of people apparently could not solve it in less than 7 seconds.

This means that only 1% of adults can solve it under less than 7 seconds. The challenge in question is based around a large grid filled with rows of the letter ‘o’—and you need to locate only one letter ‘c’ in between them all.

This test has been around for a couple of years, but it recently emerged again and ready to leave people helplessly looking for that one letter that is different from the rest.

Ready to join the 1% that can spot the letter C among the O’s in less than 7 seconds?

Credit: Unilad

The simplest method is to scan through the picture line by line until you hit upon the row hiding the letter ‘c’. However, anyone can do this—so it doesn’t qualify you to be those among the 1%.

So get ready for what you are looking for before you cast your eyes on the image. Avoid focusing on any particular area of the grid as it might slow you down when looking at the wrong area. It can make you dizzy too!

Did you find the letter ‘c’? If you managed to find it under less than 7 seconds—well done, your mind and eyes are in fine working order!






Credit: Unilad

People on the Twitter claiming that you might be a genius if you find it under 7 seconds.

If not, don’t worry because it’s not a mark on your cognitive abilities nor your eyesight!

Which Of The Diagrams Is The Odd One Out? Figure It Up!

Which of the following diagrams is the odd one out?

Try to figure it up yourself before seeing the result down.

Are you ready?







Scroll down for the answer.






Answer: It is (D)

Explanation: D is the only diagram where the intersection does not form the original shape.


Which Way Will You Choose? Your Answer Will Tell A Lot About You.

Way choice you make can greatly influence the future events of your life.

Therefore, you should take your time and think over everything thoroughly.

Your choices can reveal a lot of interesting facts about your personality.

Take this test and learn more about your personality. Are you ready for this one?

If you chose No.1,

You are a very patient and diligent person. You know to wait, and life rewards you for this quality of yours. Some people consider you a hesitant and slow person, but you never make ill-considered decisions. You always listen to your intuition and never blame others for your failures.

If you chose No.2,

Your life is never boring as you always know how to find new adventures for yourself. You are a risk-averse. Emotions are the most valuable thing in your life. Sometimes your mistakes give you new adventures and new portions of adrenaline! You are an optimistic and positive person!

If you chose No.3,

You are a brave and decisive person. Sometimes this quality of yours causes problems. However, you keep your head high and cope with any problem you have to face. Each obsticle makes you stronger and wiser. Don’t worry, time will teach you to make better decisions and choices!


Choose A SKULL To Discover What Kind Of A Person You Are

Our choices are not random. We do not pick things accidentally. Our choices are governed by the kind of people we are and usually what we pick, even unknowingly, is decided by the kind of personalities we have. The fact is that our choices reveal a lot about our personality traits and nothing about our selections are random. Here, for example, we have 10 skulls, all of the different kinds. Go ahead and pick a skull which attracts you the most and we would reveal why you made that choice. Go ahead, give it a shot!

# 1

If you chose this skull, chances are you are a person with a simple but elegant taste. The skull is little decorated and carries flowers as garland. The eyes are red, which indicates passion. So you are someone who is passionately interested in the good things in life, but you are not impressed by the complexity. Your thoughts and actions are demanding but never complex. This makes you an ideal mix of easy living and superior thinking.

# 2

If you chose this skull, it is possible that you are a person deeply influenced by nature. They like things in their natural form, be it beauty or something else. The skull shows the sun surrounded by leaves, suggesting a nourishing nature. So you are the kind of person who cares for others, helps those who need it and wants to help others grow in life. You accept people as they are, without judging them, because that is how nature created them.

# 3

If it’s the skull you’ve chosen, chances are you’re an extremely careful person. The skull is finely decorated with fine patterns and meticulously painted. Your choice shows that you too are someone who pays attention to the complexities of life and likes the complexity of thinking. They are motivated by the good things in life and appreciate the beauty of doing something so beautiful. You are the kind of person who advances with every step towards perfectionism and you do it in your own way.

# 4

If it is the skull you have chosen, chances are you are a person attracted to the primitive side of the man. This skull indicates a secular knowledge and your choice shows that you love the true nature of man. You love when people are really with you and do not just ignore the things you love. They prefer the honesty, the frankness and the dull nature of the people, because it shows at least their true face. They hate people who lie and cheat as if they prefer to have people who tell the harsh reality rather than lie.

# 5

If this is the skull you have chosen, chances are you are a person with a colorful personality. They like to be open and open who you are and to express themselves as honestly as possible. Your choice shows that your true nature is free and wild, just like the image on the skull, and you are always honest about who you are as a person. It does not matter if others accept you or not, that’s their problem. You simply look in life and perfect yourself. You are not the one who doubts you, your self-confidence is what motivates you.

# 6

If it’s the skull you’ve chosen, chances are you’re a person deeply in touch with your soul. Your spirituality is what sets you apart from others and your soul is what motivates you. The skull above has a cross on the head, which does not mean that you are religious (you can also be religious), but that you are influenced by your inner voice. Your understanding of yourself, your strengths and your weaknesses is based on a deeper understanding of your own thoughts. Few people understand the mysterious way their souls speak to them, but you know when it speaks and you know how to pay attention to your inner voice. This is not only a rare quality, but also a hard-to-reach quality.

# 7

If it’s the skull you’ve chosen, chances are you’re a person who stands out in the crowd without even trying. It’s the only skull on the list that has a mustache and stands out clearly. Your choice therefore shows that you are someone who does not have to make an effort to be different from what you already are. Whether it is your choices, your attitude or your general attitude towards your life, you are not the one who sticks to what others expect of you. They would always make decisions, even unconsciously, different from others but unique in their own way. Being different is difficult in a world that does not appreciate uniqueness, but you are always proud of your originality.

# 8

If it’s the skull you’ve chosen, chances are you’re a person with a spark in your soul. You are someone who is guided by the beauty of thought and not by the body. The skull above shows a diamond on the forehead. Your choice therefore means that you are a person who enjoys a deep and rewarding conversation. It’s the way people think it fascinates you, and you’re more and more interested in the cause of the behavior rather than the behavior itself. to accept only those who are true in their thoughts and pure in their actions. So you choose people who are as understanding and matched as you.

# 9

If this is the image you have chosen, there is a good chance that you are a creative, sophisticated person and someone who thinks outside the box. The skull shows a sparkle in the eyes and is covered with elaborately painted patterns. So your choice shows that there is a spark in you that can ignite and that your creative mind is forcing the flame to create something out of the ordinary. Your soul and your spirit are one in creation, and when you release your creative side, the world stops looking at you like it’s great!

# 10

If it is the skull you have chosen, it is possible that you are a person with a different taste and a multidimensional personality.

The skull above shows a blend of spirituality, nature and color blending into beauty. Your choice therefore shows that you are the kind of person who can also understand and manage many aspects of your life, while living in a way that others value. You can adapt to all situations because your personality has many pages and you always stay with yourself because you are intrinsically exactly what you are.


Math Puzzle Only For Genius. Can You Get It?

Take the challenge and solve this interesting math puzzle problem.

Question: if 9 + 3 = 27126, 6 + 5 = 30111, then 8 + 6 = _ ?

Scroll down for the answer.







The Answer is: 48142


– We See Pattern, If We take First Equation: 9 + 3 = 27126

9×3= 27, 9+3=12, 9-3=6

Hence it’s Formed 27126

And In SECOND Equation, 6+5=30111

6×5=30, 6+5=11, 6-5=1

SO 30111

And In THIRD Equation, 8 + 6 = 48142

8×6=48, 8+6=14, 8-6=2

How You Draw A Star Can Reveal Your Personality

In this latest Japanese personality test, no questions are asked, instead the quiz classifies you into 1 of 5 personalities from the way you draw a star.

More specifically, the first stroke you take when drawing a five-pointed star like the one pictured below:

Here’s what each starting point says about your personality:

Point 1:

You’re an eager leader

Point 2:

A flirty individual who wants to be loved

Point 3:

A romantic with big dreams

Point 4:

Meticulous and creative

Point 5:

A genuine person who wishes to lead a fulfilling life

While this personality test is not backed by any science, it certainly is fun to find out how spot-on a simple test like this can be.


What You See FIRST In This Picture Will Reveal Your True Personality.

Our subconscious comes out in some of the most unexpected ways.

Sometimes the things we choose reflect things we are facing within that we might not even be aware of.

In the image below you will notice some quite interesting things.

Once you take a look one thing should stand out above all else from that very moment.

What do you see?

Once you do this continue on the see what the thing you saw first means for you.

What did you see first?

If you see:


If you saw the eyeball first you are someone who keeps focused on the things ahead.

You don’t waste your time trying to figure things out because you already have quite the plan.

With that being said, you also should relax more, you are overworking yourself.


If you saw the sink/drain first you are concerned with wasting your time.

You feel like anything that isn’t pushing you forward is holding you back and that is not necessarily true.

You should allow yourself to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Are You Tired Of Too Easy Tests On The Internet? Here’s A Real Puzzle For The Brainies.

Solve this Puzzle if you think you are a Genius:

Take your time! You have 60 seconds to figure out the logic and make the calculations, but it’s totally worth its time!

Ok. Are you ready to find out the answer?

Scroll down.








Here’s the solving of this problem:

3 * 2 = 6 (+1) = 7

2 * 4 = 20 (+3) = 23

7 * 6 = 42 (+5) = 47

9 * 8 = 72 (+7) = 79

10 * 9 = 90 (+9) = 99

Every time the number you add is increased by two (1 + 2 =3, 3 + 2 = 5, 5 + 2 = 7, 7 + 2 = 9).

So, the correct answer is 99!

The puzzle is really cool, isn’t it? I enjoyed solving it so much!


Choose A Crown To Discover Its Secret Meaning For Your Future

Each one of these five crowns has a deeper meaning and is used to tell you more about your hidden strengths and powers. Everyone has hidden powers deep in their subconscious and by picking one of these crowns it will unlock the hidden secrets of your mysterious power. Have you ever felt that deep down you had a talent, strength, or power that you couldn’t quite identify?

Choose One of These Magical Crowns and Reveal Its Hidden Meaning For Your Life

1. Love is in your future

You are a very passionate person who is drawn into people that you have never met before. You have a very simple outlook on life, whatever happens, happens and you just go with it. You value your independence and enjoy being able to travel and explore as much as you choose. Your future will be full of loving new people, new places, and new experiences.

2. Learning is in your future

You live by the mantra that no matter what age you are, learning is a lifelong process that never stops. You are full of interesting facts and wisdom and people come to you when they are looking for answers. You enjoy being able to spread your knowledge and wisdom to people within your community and you enjoy being able to teach. Your future will be heavy in learning and teaching.

3. Success is in your future

You are a very ambitious person that always has success in your vision. You have big goals and aspirations for yourself and you won’t stop until you’ve achieved everything you want. You surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and you leave behind those who are unwilling to contribute to your success. For the future, you can expect to work hard but also be rewarded with a lot of success and many of your dreams coming true.

4. Deep connections are in your future

You are the type of person who can talk to almost anyone, but you have a hard time actually connecting with people. You feel as if you can always sense other people’s motives which can leave you feeling as if you cannot trust. You can use your abilities to sense others energy and motives to create meaningful relationships. In the future, you will be able to form the deep connections you so badly crave.

5. Relationships are in your future

In the past, you have put a lot of effort into many things, however creating new relationships with partners and friends have not been one of those things. You are a loving person who loves to form new bonds and create lasting friendships and relationships with others. Your future will consist of you forming new, lasting relationships with others that fulfill you.

To People Who Give Out Too Many Second Chances

I am too forgiving. I give out too many chances. I let people hurt me over and over again in the same exact ways.

Every time they say sorry, I accept their apologies. Every time they promise they will change, I believe them. Every time they make an excuse for their behavior, I take their lies as facts.

I am much nicer to people than they are to me, which is why I keep getting trapped in one-sided relationships, in toxic friendships, in awful situations.

I have trouble letting go of my loved ones so even when they do horrible things, unacceptable things, I still think of them as a good person. I still assume they are on my side. I still give them all the love in my chest.

I give out too many second chances, even though it keeps screwing me over, because I am kind. I am giving. I have a soft heart.

I am a forgiving person — but I am not a stupid person.

That is why it is time for me to walk away from you. I cannot keep letting you treat me so poorly. I gave you ten, twenty, thirty chances but they have finally run out. You do not get another opportunity to hurt me.

Don’t you dare make me feel guilty about leaving. You know I’m not the kind of person to leave without at least trying to fix things first. I’m not the kind of person who walks away without feeling any guilt.

It is killing me to leave but you were the one who caused this to happen. Things would have worked out differently if you changed your behavior after the first time you hurt me. Or the second. Or the third. You had such a long time to make adjustments but you are the exact same person you were then. You haven’t learn anything. You haven’t grown.

You should be embarrassed because if someone like me, someone who gives out second chances like candy, has decided to cut you out of my world, it’s not because I have a reason. It’s because I have hundreds of reasons. It’s because you hurt me in a million different ways.

There is not much you can do to push someone like me away, which means you must have really done a number on me. After everything you have put me through, there is nothing you can do to change my mind. You hurt me too many times. You made me reach a point of no return.

Even though I let your mistakes slide in the past, I cannot keep offering you an unlimited supply of forgiveness. I cannot keep placing you first when you have placed me so far down on your list of priorities. It’s not fair to me. And it’s time for me to start thinking about what is best for myself.

I give out too many second chances — but I am never going to give another one to you.

3 Signs You’re In Love, But It’s Not True Love

Love can be a very fickle emotion, always doing exactly what it wants to do. Sometimes, when it comes to love, we learn from the most tragic of heartbreaks how to cope with that despair within ourselves.

However, once you realize that love is something that can not be remembered, you will find that it is one of the most beautiful things the world can offer. Many people forget that love is usually the solution to most of their problems.

However, the following information will tell you if you are really in love with the person you are in. If these things describe your relationship, it may not be love at all.

You are Only With this Person from Fear of Being Alone

If you are only with this person simply because you want to fill the desire of not having to be alone, then this is not true love. You are with this person because you can’t handle being alone with yourself for more than two seconds, so you need someone else to mirror or vicariously live through the things that you’ve always wanted to. You may need to find out why you are so disjointed. You must also realize that a person independent of your partner is an indispensable part of any relationship.


Long for the Same Things

Do you both long for the same things in life? Though having shared hopes and dreams is good for a relationship, it doesn’t mean that the relationship will actually work long enough for you both to achieve those goals together. It’s important to think about how you look together right now, rather than what might happen in the future. You will be much more rooted if you live your life with them day after day and fulfill all the types of happiness you see each other. If you both do end up lasting longer than expected, then good for you! However, don’t take it personally if it ends up not working out.

Love the Way They Make You Feel

Just because this person can make you feel good doesn’t exactly warrant a good reason for you to fall in love with them. Yes, we all love those touchy-feely emotions we get when we are first meeting someone, but realize that those feelings may be yours and yours alone. It is important to have fun while having these emotions, but to know that it is not worth falling in love with someone. Take your love in stride, just remember that they are happy to be with you; put your friendship in front of everything else.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into the world of love and what it means to be in love with someone. There are some small things here and there that can be hard to understand, but if you grow up, you will succeed.