Kids need to spend more time with their grandparents, study says


The relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is mystical and inseparable. Really, remember how you wanted to go to your grandparents’ house when you were a kid. It was nice and cozy with them, and their fairy tales seemed to be more interesting than any other fairy tale in the world.

However, the connection of generations is not limited only to fairy tales: according to the latest study, the spectrum of grandparents’ influence on grandchildren is really very wide and children need to spend more time with their grandparents.

Researchers studied more than a thousand children and asked them various questions about their grandparents. The results were incredible: children who spent a lot of time with their grandparents spoke very well about the elderly.

They had respect, not only for their grandparents but for all the elderly people. Unfortunately, research did not show the same response in those children who rarely visited their grandparents or whose grandparents were dead.

Another interesting point is that the quality of communication gives better results than the quantity. It is really important that children spend time with their grandparents to become good and friendly people in the future.

In addition, elderly people are usually the custodians of family experience, relics, and traditions. Thus, they can show their grandchildren photos of their parents in childhood, tell about important family dates and events. Such knowledge strengthens children’s love for the family and develops an interest in its values.

Psychologists say that children perceive their grandparents as a symbol of family stability. They, according to the kids, are like the roots of a huge family tree, which will never collapse. Grandparents will always support them in difficult times and help to understand any situation.

Grandparents can listen carefully to the child and understand the child’s soul. Kids trust grandparents with their secrets, share experiences and joys, are not afraid to ask the most daring questions that concern them. They are happy to spend time together. So, it is very important for children to spend more time with their grandparents.


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